Holy Week

The HOLY WEEK in Cuéllar. The Board of Brotherhoods of Holy Week and the Parish of San Miguel Arcángel begin with the acts related to the Holy Week in Cuellar the days before Palm Sunday (exhibitions, conferences, concerts) that will precede the processions of the SUNDAY OF RAMOS, EL VIA CRUCIS AND THE PROCESSIONS OF THURSDAY AND FRIDAY HOLY. Culminating the Resurrection Sunday with the PROCESSION OF THE ENCUENTRO.

El Henar Pilgrimage

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Henar, located about five kilometers from Cuéllar to the northwest, is the most important center of devotion in the whole region. It is a party that has more and more followers on the part of tourism in Cuellar . It has around it a recreational area equipped with different services to make more pleasant the stay of the large number of people who come throughout the year on excursions and other festivals, such as the resineros, Henarillo, El Carmen, Santiago, etc. ., in addition to the pilgrimage of Our Lady of Henar that is celebrated on the Sunday before San Mateo, between September 14 and 20.

Festivities of San Miguel en Cuéllar

Celebration in honor of the archangel San Miguel, patron of Cuellar, which is celebrated on September 29. The leisure and cultural collective activities together with the encierrillos of promotion complete a pleasant festive day.

St. John’s Night

Night of San Juan in the Huerta del Duque Audition of the students of Dulzaina and Tamboril of the Municipal School of Music of Cuéllar Cultural Classroom of the Magdalena – Parade down to the Huerta del Duque Popular chocolate.


Saturday begins the celebration of CARNIVAL OF CUÉLLAR: theater, parades, brass bands and all kinds of activities until Wednesday arrives in which the famous BURIAL OF THE SARDINE will be celebrated.

The Child of the Ball

This is a party that is celebrated on New Year’s Day, or as it is known in Cuellar, Children’s Day, organized by the Brotherhood of the Child of the Ball. The party is also repeated on the day of the Kings. Before the procession, a novena was celebrated in the church of San Esteban, from where the procession began.


Wide variety of cultural proposals offered by the Department of Culture from December 1 to January 6. Music, theater, cinema, circus, … .. sports, dance, workshops, contests, … .. and POTATO NOEL on December 23, the procession of the CHILD OF THE BALL. on January 1, the Cabalgata de Reyes the night of January 5th.