They are few, and their meat is one of the most exquisite and valued.

The oxen have always been pack animals, but the agricultural machinery relegated them to the background. Now, because their meat is an excellent delicacy, they have become fashionable as a gastronomic attraction, but each time there is less and there are not so many in the market to cover the culinary demand. Our restaurant, La Brasería de Cuéllar, is one of the very few nationally that has Authentic Beef meat, which also comes from our OWN LIVESTOCK on farms in Segovia and Zamora.

In our farms of La Brasería de Cuéllar we only breed authentic ox with an exclusive meat that is characterized by an intense red color, compact, with entrevenada fat (like the ham of acorn), with a stronger flavor when it is tasted The color of the fat is usually nacre white or amber, pulling to golden, being this indicative that the animal has had a natural feeding with grass and cereal. Its texture, tremendously soft, almost melts in the mouth.

Nowadays, authentic beef meat almost does not exist due to the high cost of its production and its subsequent maturation of the meat – in refrigeration necessarily more than 60 days. Therefore to meet the demand of those desirous of tasting this excellent meat, what is usually sold under the trade name of “beef” are pieces that are removed from the production of milk and fattened for a few months so that they are greased and then they are sacrificed. Its meat is also of good quality, red and tasty, but its price is much more affordable. The only problem is that they are not sold under the correct name: you should put beef and not beef.

The oxen already inside our farms have large areas of grass. In the tranquility of the countryside, and fed carefully with pastures and cereals of first quality, our oxen can be in the breeding of La Brasería de Cuéllar until they reach 10 or even more years.
Once the animal is ready for consumption, the animal is transported from our farms to the slaughterhouse in specialized vehicles. After the sacrifice in addition to the usual controls, they pass our exhaustive quality controls looking for the best and most exclusive meat to reach the plates of our guests. Once we receive the slaughterhouse’s genre, we store it in our refrigerated warehouses. IF YOU WANT TO VISIT OUR PROPERTY, PLEASE CONTACT US.

The selection of animals that will be part of our livestock is complicated because remember that it is an animal difficult to find. Of the available ones in addition only the best animals are chosen, that usually come from farms that have oxen of bullfighting enclosures: animals accustomed to the exercise – as they were the old oxen of farming – and therefore with meats of their extraordinary flavor.

At this point, after years of care and after more than a month in refrigerated maturation, there is only the process of cutting the piece, either for steak or for beef to stone, and for our customers to enjoy a really unique delicacy, and in the case of La Brasería de Cuéllar, GENUINE.

The beef remains in our cold rooms for a period between 60 and 70 days (usually) at a temperature close to 0 degrees and humidity controlled. In this process an evaporation of the moisture of the meat takes place. The muscle is becoming a tender meat with excellent texture but retaining the characteristic flavor and all its aromas. La Brasería de Cuéllar has its own refrigeration chambers with the latest technology, where it carries out this maturation.