Whether you are one of those who do not settle for the “traditional”, as if you are more classic and what you like is to enjoy a good steak, we offer you a culinary experience.

In our recipe, each flavor will evoke moments that will stay in your memory. Either with our famous and renowned steak, or with any other innovative proposal in our menu.

La Brasería de Cuéllar is a restaurant (with bar service) located in Cuéllar (Segovia). With a modern decoration both inside and outside, we stand out as one of the few restaurants with beef thanks to our own livestock.

TERRABUEY is our livestock and our organic garden, but it is also a recreational farm where you will be welcome to see our horses, walk among our oxen, enjoy events and spend good moments in the company of your family and friends. We will wait for you!!

Potxolo is an ox of blond race from Aquitaine that has the Record of BIGGEST BIG IN THE WORLD. The animal was raised in Guipúzcoa, in a hamlet of Legorreta, and now it is in TERRABUEY our farm.