Undoubtedly the most important dishes of our restaurant are all those who carry the meat of the oxen of our livestock.



The way to obtain the best quality implies some essential factors: oxen of selected breed, careful feeding, the work they have done (many come from guiding the famous enclosures) … and of course, the age of the animal and its healing. An art that we have learned to collect and perfect through our experience with the hundreds of cattle that have passed through our hands.



To obtain the most sublime meat supposes giving an exquisite mime to the animals. It is essential that the oxen are raised without stress because a nervous reaction would raise the acidity of the meat and, in extreme cases, it would spoil it. Freedom of movement, grass and fodder at pleasure and about 12 kilos of corn and barley a day. This is how our oxen are bred with the aim of giving a meat with the exact amount of infiltrating fat that builds a unique flavor, finer and subtler than that of the cow, conferring a flavor that lasts longer on the palate and is better remembered.


Livestock farm

To select our oxen, we do not stop looking for non-housed animals, tracking Spain and Portugal to locate, one by one, more than 70 animals each year. Then we left them for years in our livestock until their weight doubles or triples that of the slaughterhouse cows.

Once the sacrifice is made, to get to the ideal steak, La BRASERÍA de CUELLAR keeps the loins 70 to 90 days cold – a little over zero degrees – and with a humidity always controlled.



Our cold storage rooms are a show where enormous loins ripen for a time always depending on the piece, until reaching an unparalleled minerality. This process of controlled maturation is essential so that later the meat is not hard and provides tasty morsels with honeyed textures, that accompanied by veins of fat infiltrated by the years, leads the most carnivorous to enjoy one of the greatest delicacies that exists.



But for the diner to enjoy this sublime meat, it has to end perfectly in the embers, where the veined meats, of authentic ox (here it is), with an impressive color receive the right point to offer a flavor deep, that makes you flinch to the bone. The height at which the grills are placed on the coals, the intensity of these, the times that each piece must remain in the fire, are the secrets of the great grills like those of the Brasería.



In Spain it is increasingly difficult to find quality red meats on the market. Only the work of multiple people in our livestock and in our Restaurant “La Brasería De Cuellar”, still allows us to obtain unique pieces of meat: our famous beef from the Brasería: a unique experience.


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