Potxolo is an oxtail breed from Aquitaine that has the record of BIGGEST BIG IN THE WORLD.

The animal was raised in Guipúzcoa, in a hamlet of Legorreta, and is cross-eyed antlers (it has one horn up and another down).

La Brasería de Cuéllar restaurant bought it in April 2019 to take it to its oxen farm TERRABUEY , where we have arranged for ample space for all those who want You can visit it.

Caring for Potxolo is not an easy task. You have to have a lot of patience and affection with him, and of course you have to take care of his diet. To keep these more than two tons, you are cared for with freedom of movement, grass and fodder at pleasure and plenty of kilos of corn and barley a day.

Also Potxolo does not live alone. There are many oxen that share their environment (remember that the livestock of TERRABUEY has about 80 specimens), although of course it will always be the one that excels over the others, because we hope it will continue for a long time and can be visited by adults and children.

The Story of a MYTHIC OX

Potxolo came to Cuéllar from a hamlet of Legorreta, municipality of the province of Guipúzcoa, Basque Country, where he was raised by Tedy Sanchez, from Cárnicas Goya in the Gurutzeta Txiki farmhouse. Potxolo was bought as a baby at a fair in Itziar (Guipúzcoa), and was raised and fed until April 2019, when it became part of the TERRABUEY livestock, belonging to another family with a long tradition of livestock, the Guijarro family, also owner of the restaurant LA BRASERÍA DE CUÉLLAR.

From the Basque Country to Castile; from one livestock family to another, Potxolo will now enjoy a long life on our farm, touring its large spaces, and destined to be the attraction of the eyes of large and small. No doubt a unique animal that can be visited by all those who want to enjoy an experience. To spend a great day we suggest you explore the artistic beauty of the beautiful town of Cuéllar, visit our farm, see Potxolo with our horses and oxen, and end up enjoying a spectacular gastronomic experience at La Brasería de Cuéllar. We will wait for you.

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