For this we have prepared a Tourism Route through Segovia, its capital, its towns and its natural surroundings. Surely there are many places to see when it comes to sightseeing in Segovia and do not appear: our province is extremely rich in art, monuments, culture and cuisine, so this guide that we show you we want to be the beginning, and every time we go increasing it with new routes and places.

To make it easy to consult we have created the guide (downloadable free) in PDF to view it from any PC, tablet or mobile ..

This Guide prepared by La Brasería de Cuéllar has no other objective of promoting tourism in the multiple corners of the province of Segovia so that any tourist who wants to enjoy art, culture, tradition and nature can find in it a concise guide and easy to use what to see and where.

Finally we want to thank so many different institutions and websites (such as the City Council of Cuéllar, the Provincial Tourist Board of Segovia, or Wikipedia), some content, both texts and photos, which appear in this guide and without which there would be no been possible.